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Houston Plumbers always uses top quality products that are the latest in design and efficiency. We want your household problems to be fixed with the latest of technologies. You can rest assured that we can always provide you with the best of the best and our trucks are always required to be filled with the finest of tools and equipment to assure that the job is done quickly, efficiently, and safely. You’ll also quickly see that our Plumbing Service is the most affordable plumbing service in the Houston area.

Call our Plumbing company to get a free water heater inspection anywhere in the Houston area and surrounding areas. We will evaluate your water heater’s condition, recommend the best solution, and provide a free quote. All Houston Plumbing technicians are licensed plumbers. If you have a tankless water heater you will always have hot water because tankless water heaters heat your water in real time unlike conventional water heaters that provide only limited hot water depending on the size of the hot water storage tank. You can contact us for more information.

Every day we need hot water to get a nice shower, wash the dishes and do laundry. Your water heater is actually a very personal choice. Your needs determine the size, from 10 gallons to 200, electric or gas and tank type or tankless water heater. Hot water heater servicing, installation and repair have been a Houston Plumbing specialty since we opened our doors. We can also provide water heater installation. It is very important for the water heater to be installed correctly and adjusted accurately to avoid scalding yet still provide plenty of hot water for all your needs.

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Residents that require a lot of hot water for a large family, have specialized shower systems or those who really enjoy extra long showers find the tankless unit appealing. The tankless water heater is more energy efficient since only the water needed is heated. A tankless unit can be installed in an attic thus freeing up utility room space or the water closet. With a tankless unit you have no worry of a huge water issue that can occur when a water tank leaks. We gladly walk through the pros and cons of each type of water heater so that you can make an educated decision that is right for your family.

With the invention of the tankless water heater, you now have a new choice in water heaters. The traditional tank type version must heat the water in the whole tank before you will have hot water to use. The tank type water heater is usually your least expensive option. It is a standard in most households and usually sufficient for regular family usage. A tankless water heater offers continuous hot water. This is ideal for commercial high water usage.

About 70% of the Earth’s surface is covered by water. But only about 3% of that water is fresh water. And only about 1% of that fresh water is available for use by humans. Water is precious. According to an EPA survey and a Harris Poll, 84% of Americans are concerned about the quality of their water. While the EPA has strict regulations for the levels of various contaminants that can be present in drinking water, water filtration systems are a great way to provide a safe and effective water quality solution in your home. Contact us to find out how we can make sure your water is clean, and your water heater is effective.

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Need reliable water heater repair? Our company offers quality water heating products and services, and is conveniently available 24/7 for any water heater emergencies. Our highly-skilled technicians have the industry knowledge and expertise to tackle the toughest installation and repair jobs. Know that when you choose us, you choose exceptional customer service, quality repairs, and honest prices. Call us today!

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